Beautiful Places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has just started welcoming people from around the world. Its amazing places are not very famous yet, and not many people have visited them. There are Nabatean tombs, like the ones in Petra, dive spots, similar to Egypt’s, and awesome canyons, just like the famous ones in American parks.

The country’s scenery is mixed and interesting, reflecting its old trading culture. You can experience this culture in the busy markets of modern cities and also in the homes of important people in the desert.

In the north, there are orange deserts. Moving towards the Red Sea, you will find white sand atolls. The southwestern Asir region has green mountains and valleys, home to rare leopards and tribespeople wearing headdresses. The south-east has the Empty Quarter, which is the biggest sand desert in the world.

Saudi Arabia is excited to welcome British visitors once it is safe from Covid. You will get a really friendly welcome, and you will find some breathtaking beauty that feels like a secret. Here are eight beautiful places in saudi arabia you should check out:

Saudi Arabia Beautiful Places

Here we have given 8 best places in Saudi Arabia:

Wadi Al Disah

It is close to Tabuk in the north of Saudi Arabia. It is a unique place that seems like a mix of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Imagine a big area with tall columns made of sandstone surrounded by a wide hollow. In this space, the sandy desert is filled with tall palm trees and grasses.

You can explore it on foot or by using a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The best time to be there is when the sun gives a magical glow to the rocky shapes.


It is a famous place in Saudi Arabia, known for its huge rock-cut tombs in the beautiful desert near Al Ula. These 131 mysterious tombs look a lot like the ancient ruins in Petra because they were made by the same group of people, the Nabataeans, around the first century AD.

Petra in Jordan is a famous place with many visitors yearly, but Hegra is less well-known. More animals visit Hegra than people do.

Things might change soon. Some hotel groups like Banyan Tree, Aman, and Habitas are planning to open heritage-focused camps and eco-friendly around Hegra. This could make Hegra a big destination in the 2020s.

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It is like the Maldives of Saudi Arabia, and it is easy to see why. This simple coastal town and its surroundings are beautiful. Up north, there are 104 atolls spread across a part of the Red Sea that is a really stunning turquoise colour.

A great thing to do in Umluj is to go island-hopping. While you are on your way to different spots like Jabal Hassan, you can see dolphins. Then, you can snorkel, fish, or just relax on white sandbars. You will feel as chill as the hawksbill and dugongs turtles swimming around these little islands.

This place is also awesome for diving. It is not as busy as popular spots like Sharm El Sheikh in the Red Sea, but it has a rainbow of 300 kinds of coral four times more than the Caribbean and 1,200 types of fish. Some islands are getting resorts that care about the environment, but most of the area is still a natural underwater world.

Al Balad in Jeddah

It is a special place with a lot of history. Many Saudi cities have a historic area called Al Balad, and Jeddah’s Balad is the most memorable. It has narrow pathways between really old houses made of coral stone. You will hear the beautiful calls to prayer, smell exotic spices, and find stores selling oud, traditional bakeries with a clove scent, and the big and bright Souq Al Alawi market.

Since 2014, when it became a UNESCO World Heritage site, they have fixed up many of the old mansions in the area, like the Nasseef House with 106 rooms. Now, it is a museum and cultural center that hosts art and photo shows, as well as talks by smart people.

Even more, there are new things happening in Al Balad. Galleries, workshops for making things out of mangour wood, and cafes are making old, falling-apart buildings lively again. This area, built in the seventh century, has a really good future.

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The Edge of the World

Just to the west of Riyadh is a place with a fitting name. It is like a big, tall wall made of layered sandstone that comes up from a reddish plain, which used to be an old ocean bed. The best way to get there is by using a four-wheel-drive vehicle. When you reach the top, you can see a wide view of the dry land.

You might even spot wild camels walking around on ancient paths used by caravans.

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It is an old desert city near Riyadh, surrounded by the green oasis of Wadi Hanifa. It used to be a busy place with lots of culture, where people from different places met over many years. It is also where the royal family comes from. Today, you can visit museums in Diriyah, like the amazing Salwa Palace, to learn about its interesting history.

The city has impressive mud-brick buildings, and along the streets with palm trees, you will find restaurants and cafes that serve traditional Najdi dishes, like gereesh bil laban, which is cracked wheat cooked in a yogurt sauce.

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The Ancient City Of Hegra

Al Qarah Mountain

It is a hidden gem on the east side of the Shadqam plateau in Al Ahsa. Still, few know it but indeed it is gorgeous. The mountain measures 670 feet and presents spectacular views of the canyons shown and sand-blasted caves in its layers formed over tens of thousands years.

Climbing up the limestone cliffs will enable you to access honeycomb caves and passages. The names of the sites in this area reveal a profound respect for nature and elements that have shaped the character and customs of this region. ( ‘Al Ahsa’ or ‘Murmuring streams,’ and the main city Hofuf meaning ‘whistling wind.’)

On the hill side, there are palm tree prepossessing and plantations villages. Their artisanal restaurants and shops, meanwhile, can offer you a nice cool place to have some rest.

Rijal Almaa

It has become commonly known as the Gingerbread Village due to its square stone buildings with bright shutters. It is located in a wooded and green environment, a place that many travelers visit because of the culture and history it offers.

But it is not only about the appearance, a lot of people who live here belong to Qahtan clan. The men of this tribe are known for their bright clothing and floral crowns, and they have a festival called the Flowerman Festival each August.

People May Also Ask

Are the cities of Saudi Arabia pretty?

However, we do not realize how beautiful the rock structures are in one of the biggest and most bright desert on earth – Al Nufud Al Kabir. But there was a shock to know that the landscape in Saudi Arabia is really magnificent.

What is the most popular destination in Saudi Arabia?

The most important tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia that no one can get enough of is Mecca. Mecca is the center of life for any Muslim anywhere in this world, and it has both The holiest mosque of Islam and many interesting attractions within its walls.

Is Riyadh a beautiful city?

Riyadh is known in part for its exemplary architecture, including the Kingdom Centre and the historical Masmak Fortress. The city has beautiful landmarks, including the delightful King Abdullah Park, and also has modern wonders that include the efficient Riyadh Metro.

Does Saudi Arabia pose a threat to women?

Being a lone female traveller, you may have to face public attractions in places that might be less cosmopolitan. Although crime rates are low, and violent crime against travellers is infrequent, it is always best to be cautious. Do not visit isolated places and make sure to dress like a local citizen.

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