U Walk: Vibrant Plaza in Riyadh

U Walk: Vibrant Plaza in Riyadh

You will never be bored at U Walk, the most popular area in Riyadh city. It is a big food place where people can eat from many restaurants and cafes. Its visitors really like it because of how fun and happy the place feels.

Some shops and restaurants open early in the morning while others open at lunch time. You can find a favorite place to eat or shop all day long.

U Walk Facilities

U Walk

U Walk offers a special kind of fancy and fun living, with lots of choices. This lets you find a new love interest that you didn’t know was there.

Suitable Options for Midweek

You can watch the new movies by buying tickets at the cinema, or you can book them beforehand through Muvi Cinema’s website. We suggest you to walk on the paths as they join the place together. You won’t moan about the hot summer days since there are cooling things outside food places, don’t pass up the fun of seeing a fountain that dances.

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Fun with Friends and Family

If you try playing games with your friends at Bob’s Famous inside the bowling alley or billiards, it might become your favorite restaurant because it gives a different experience. It combines fun challenges and eating in one place. You would also get a special shopping experience at many international and local brand stores. And if ladies want to treat themselves, they can find out when The Spa/Nail Shop salon is open to book any of its services.