Wonder Garden In Riyadh: Tickets, Dates, And Everything You Need To Know

500,000 sq meter amusement park Wonder Garden in Riyadh is ready to transport visitors with its facilities of activities and rides. The place is great for all ages, whether you are with your family or friends.

Golden Blue Entertainment’s Wonder Garden is set to officially open its gates on Monday, November 13, 2023. It will offer a thrilling adventure with 70 rides for visitors, two arcade halls, 15 shops, 26 food and beverage stalls, and over 60 roaming acts.

The park is divided into three zones:  

  • Bloom Zone, 
  • Flamingo Lake, and 
  • Adventure Parks

Each of the above-mentioned zones has their charm.

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Wonder Garden in Riyadh: Everything We Know

There will be more than 70 rides and experiences that one can go on, including going for a mysterious adventure at The Farm where you get to find the farmer’s hidden mysteries. Moreover, go to the Butterfly House, where over 1000 butterflies live, or read more about these beautiful creatures. Wonder Park will offer something for everybody. So whatever group you go to, be sure you will have a good time.

Flamingo Lake

Flamingo Lake
Flamingo Lake

As you walk into Wonder Garden, you will be welcomed by the Flamingo Lake, which accommodates at least 50 flamingos. It is the ideal place for you and your family to observe these beautiful pink birds.

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Bloom Zone

In the Bloom Zone, you can engage yourself in flower-themed art facilities and take a ride on the huge wheel that provides stunning views of the city centre.

Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone is suitable for those who want a thrill with the Fram installations and Tree Adventure, which present unique situations as you find yourself surrounded by huge trees and a farm. After taking the horror adventure, make a stop at the many thrills that they offer in their place.

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Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden highlights not one but two butterfly exhibits to leave you amazed. The Butterfly House, a pioneer In Riyadh, will be home to not less than 1000 butterflies of different species that would offer many opportunities to take attractive Instagram pictures.

Butterfly Garden

The Adventure Zone is further divided into five areas, as per different preferences: 2D arcade games, high-speed adventure rides, kid’s rides, family-friendly rides and skill games.

Watch out for the wonder garden-inspired musical roaming shows and an amazing floating music parade that will move through the zone. The zone also has entertaining shows for guests to watch with friends and family.

Do not miss the grand opening on November 13 for an exciting adventure accessed through this mega mobile amusement park.

When will Wonder Garden In Riyadh Open?

Wonder Garden in Riyadh

The much-awaited place is to launch on November 15.

How to get tickets for Wonder Garden In Riyadh

You will find out how to get tickets for the Wonder Garden in Riyadh here.

For tickets, visit www.riyadhseason.com

People May Also Ask

How much will Riyadh season charge?

Ticket prices range from 50 SAR to 1700 SAR. Boulevard World: 100 SAR for weekday tickets and 150 SAR for weekend tickets. Children less than 12 years old are admitted for free.

In Wonder Garden In Riyadh, how many zones are there?

14 November SPA Wonder Garden Zone in Riyadh Season is going to be opened starting tomorrow. It consists of 3 zones comprising over 70 rides, two gaming halls,15 stores, 31 restaurants, more than 60 acts and roaming shows.

What is the Boulevard World Riyadh ticket price?

29 SAR For Weekday Entry. 109 SAR For BLVD World Value Ticket. 218 SAR For Ticket of World Gold Blvd.

What is Riyadh season 2023?

Riyadh Season is among the biggest winter entertainment events globally. Worldwide gourmet food from the finest exclusive restaurants and myriad thrilling surprises.

Is it a free-entry city for Boulevard City Riyadh?

Boulevard City remains open to entry. On the other hand, if you want to participate in specific activities, you will need to purchase a ticket. There are eight activities and experiences, plus four theatrical shows where you can purchase tickets. Many tickets are under SAR50.

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