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Saudi Arabia’s railway system, a vital part of the nation’s infrastructure, has a rich history and a promising future. The idea of establishing railways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started in the 1940s when the need emerged to build a commercial port on the Gulf Coast to transport imported goods to warehouses of Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (Aramco).

Modern railways were introduced after World War II to facilitate the transport of goods for the Arabian American Oil Company, or Aramco (now Saudi Aramco), from ports located on the coast of the Persian Gulf to warehouses in Dhahran. Construction began in September 1947, and the first line was inaugurated on 20 October 1951.

Saudi Arabia Railways, then the Saudi Railway Company, was established in 2006 to build, operate, and manage the north-south railway project. Approval to merge the Saudi Railways Organization and Saudi Railway Company was announced in February 2021, and the Saudi Railways Organization was merged into the Saudi Railway Company on 1 April 2021. The combined company is now called Saudi Arabia Railways.

As of today, Saudi Arabia Railways is the national leader of railway development and operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It manages 4,500km of railway networks and offers services such as passenger trains, real estate, freight, and Mashaer Metro Train. Passengers can plan their journey ahead and save up to 40%. The current railway network spans 5000 km, including 1500 km of new lines.

Looking ahead, Saudi Arabia has ambitious growth plans for its railway sector. The railway transport programme will be implemented from 2010 to 2040. The overarching goal is to use the public-private partnership framework to integrate rail into a safe and efficient multi-modal network that would facilitate passenger and freight services, with aims of connecting to neighbouring countries. This includes the creation of a 9900-km network with an initial investment of SR365bn ($97.4bn).

In the next five to seven years, Saudi Arabia plans to grow to 8,000km of railways, including the ‘Land Bridge’ project which will span more than 1,300km from East to West, connecting the Kingdom’s ports from the Arabian Gulf to the Red Sea for the first time. This will allow for an annual capacity of over three million passengers and 50 million tonnes of freight. The plan also suggested the gradual privatisation of services, while maintaining a separation between the regulatory and operational spheres of railway companies.

Saudi Arabia’s railway system is a testament to the nation’s commitment to infrastructure development and economic growth. As the country continues to invest in its railways, it is clear that this mode of transport will play a significant role in the nation’s future.

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