5 Riyal Shops Near Me

For those who want to shop in Riyadh on a budget without spending much money, it might be worth checking out Riyal shops, which sell many items for only 5 SAR. They are patronized by expatriates and locals equally, being a relatively cheaper option to buy clothes, accessories home necessities, gifts and other items.

In the article, we are going to delve into some of the most popular 5 Riyal shops near me in Riyadh with their addresses and references.

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Budget-Friendly 5 Riyal Shops in Riyadh

Here we are going to discuss popular budget-friendly 5 Riyal Shops in Riyadh:

  • 5 Riyal Shop – Northern Ring Road: This shop is located on An Najah Road, Al Munsiyah next to Al Rajhi Bank in the city. The big parking lot is accompanied by a large and crowded interior filled with stylish clothes, home goods, toys, etc.
  • Riyals 5 – Ad Dirah: This shop is located in the Al Dirah Neighborhood, which is an incredible place to visit on the Al Imam Faisal Ibn Turki Ibn Abdullah Road near the Al Dirah Park. It has a wide variety of products, from toys to home supplies, at the mega price of only 5 SAR.
  • 5 Riyals Shop – Al Badiah: This shop is located off Al Madinah Al Munarawah Road in Al Badiah, opposite the Al Badiah Mall. Allowing shoppers to save money by shopping for a wide array of products, ranging from clothes, accessories and home essentials priced at 5 SAR.
  • 5 Riyal Market – Alyasmin: This shop stands on Anas Ibn Malik Road in Alyasmin and it is just opposite the Alyasmin Plaza. It has available a wide range of items at 5 SAR only like crockeries, dresses, gift items and others
  • 5 Riyal Shop – Al Aziziyah: This shop serves the areas within Al Aziziyah town of Libya, especially near Mohammad Rashid Rida Street and the Al Aziziyah Hospital. It sells a wide range of products such toys, beauty products (including cosmetics and perfumes), priced at an unimaginable 5 riyals.

Such are only a few of the best Riyal shops in Riyadh where you can go to have a fun time and budget-friendly shopping. A number of other shops dotted the city that sells the same products like these but at cheap rates. Using Google Maps, the nearest Riyal shop can be identified and it is possible in this way to do the exploration of all these wonderful offers put forward by them.

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People May Also Ask

What are Riyal shops?

Riyal shops are shops that sell many things at 5 SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal) each- roughly 1.33 USD. They are patronized by both ex-patriots and locals who prefer shopping for cheaper goods.

How about Riyadh stores of Riyal?

A web page is provided to announce some of the finest Riyal shops located at Riyadh mentioning their address and references. They are in different areas of the towns, for example Al Munsiyah, Ad Dirah, Al Badiah, Alyasmin, and Al Aziziyah. You will have to use google Maps to choose the closest Riyal shop close to your location.

What advertise can I acquire at Riyal shops?

Riyal shops provide various kinds of products, like a dress, home ware, toys, makeup’s make up, perfume and so on. The price of all the goods is not less than five SAR which is incredibly low and quickly make it uninteresting for the shoppers.

Is Riyal shop open daily?

Riyal shops operate every day apart from Fridays; a day dedicated to Islam as the holy one. There are hours of operation, which could differ with a shop but typically it is 9 till 10 pm. All the respective shops’ exact opening hours are posted on their websites or social media pages.

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