How to Get Around Using the Riyadh Bus Darb card

If you want to use the buses in the capital, get a Darb card from Riyadh. It will let you ride them. The new Bus Darb Card from Riyadh is one you should likely keep handy (or in your wallet).

There is even more positive news for you. With the start of the fourth part of the Riyadh bus system, seven new tracks have been added. A total of 614 buses will be used to cover 1442 miles and visit 1632 stops. About 70% of the planned 1900-kilometre system is now being covered by the new increase.

Bus travel in Riyadh is becoming simpler and faster. Get on and off the buses fast with a normal ticket or by using the Riyadh Bus Darb Card.

Here is all you need to know about the Darb Card:

What is the Darb card?

The Darb Card is your fast pass to the new Riyadh Buses. You can get the card in digital form and print, making your trip on the big green bus even easier.

How do you buy a Riyadh bus Darb card?

You need to buy a Darb Card for the Riyadh Bus. To do this, go to the ticket machines at many bus stations or find the ticket-selling station on Ali bin Abi Taleb Street. Using the vending machine is easy. To make your new card work, first pick the language you want to use on the screen. Then press the e-purse button.

What’s the price for a Darb card?

A new card is 10 SAR and you also have to add more balance to get on board.

Pick the money you want to add to your Riyadh Bus Darb Card. It can be SAR500, SAR200, SAR100, SAR50, SAR20, SAR10 or SAR5.

Pick your Darb Card balance and then select how you want to pay. You can use cash e-wallet, cash, or card. You will need to scan the card every time you ride a bus. This is how you use it.

Other Options of Riyadh Bus Ticket

You can start a ticket for SAR4 at certain stations or use the Riyadh bus app. It is your choice! Each ticket is good for two hours (120 minutes if you like) and lets you switch stations during that time.

You can also use your debit card, credit card, or smartphone to pay for the bus trip when you get on and off. Are you staying in town for just two days? Buy day passes for 3, 7, or 30 days.

People May Also Ask

How much does the Riyadh bus card cost?

The cost of the plastic card is 10 SR and it has no credit. You can also add money or recharge the balance using the bus driver, a salesperson, or an app.

How do I get a Riyadh Metro card?

To use the service for a darb card, you need to get a normal darb card from any ticket machine at bus stops.

How can I travel cheaply in Riyadh?

The train lines in Saudi Arabia now link Riyadh, Al-Hofuf and Dammam. You can quickly find normal trains all day long between cities. This is one of the lowest-priced ways to move mainly if you are traveling alone.

How to use a bus in Riyadh?

To use a public bus in Riyadh, you need a SAPTCO smart card with enough money on it for your ride. SAPTCO is a company owned by the public that looks after, runs and fixes the bus system in Riyadh.

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