Easy Ways to Check Your STC Balance

If you are a client of STC, the most popular telecom company in Saudi Arabia, then you probably wish to know your balance left on your prepay or postpay account. Checking your STC balance will easy as we will show you the steps in this article.

What is STC

STC which is the bigger telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia provides mobile, landline, internet and TV services. You can know the balance on the prepaid or postpaid account if you are one of STC subscribers. Checking your STC balance is done through several easy ways with no stress.

Easy Ways to Check Your STC Balance

Here we have discussed some easy ways to check the STC balance:

Using MySTC application

The first approach is to employ the MySTC application that can be obtained via the App Store or the Google Play. First, you can check your balance, top-up your account, pay utility bills and manage your services using the app To access the app, one needs to log in with hisher phone number and create an associated password. Upon login, you can view the amount available on the home page.

Using STC website

The second one is visiting the STC website (accessible from any browser). As the app, you will need to provide your phone number and come up with a passcode. Once you login, the current balance for your account will appear on the dashboard. You can also top up the account, bill payments and services management from the website.

Using USSD Code

The third approach is making USSD codes which are mobile codes that you enter using your phone. This method does not require a login or registration. In order to check your balance, all you need is to dial *166# and wait for the call sign. You will get a message to include your balance info. Or simply top up your account with their recharge card codes; you have to dial *166* the Code PIN#.

Sending an SMS message

The fourth option is to make use of the SMS service, where you can send a text message for your balance. With regards to this approach you don’t need to register or log in. You will be given a response with the balance values. You can also call to charge your account by typing “166” as an SMS to 900.

What other services does STC offer?

STC is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Saudi Arabia, which provide mobile, landline, internet, and TV services. In case you are a client to STC, it would be good to know how much balance is remaining on your prepaid or postpaid account.

How to contact STC

Saudi Telecom Company (STC): This is the biggest telecommunications company that Samsung Arabia; with mobile and landline, data, and Internet services.

  • The live chat service can be available through mystc via 969 or Telegram services.
  • Fax 8003030969
  • Phone calling 900 or +966 114 55 5555 (from other countries)
  • Email or SMS you leave your name and e-mail address on the form of customer care.


Some of the easy ways through which you can check your STC balance are discussed above. I hope this article has been helpful and enlightening to you. Please feel free to ask a question or leave us comments in the comment section below, or find our contact information on one of our customer service channels.

People May Also Ask

What is STC?

The STC is the largest telecom company in Saudi Arabia and is known to provide mobile, landline, internet, data services.

What should I do to get my STC balance?

You can confirm your STC balance by dialing *166# or sending an SMS with the word “Balance” to 900.

How can I recharge my prepaid STC card?

The following are the briefly described two methods of recharging your STC prepaid SIM card:

  • Through online platforms such as mystc or [stc pay] app or website.
  • Scratch cards are available in STC branches and authorized dealers.
  • SADAD payment system
  • STC self-service machines
Q: How do I activate or deactivate STC services ?

A: One of the ways by which you can activate or deactivate STC services is using one of the following methods:

  • Online via mystc app or website
  • USSD codes by dialing *155#
  • Phone call by dialing 900
  • STC self-service machines
How can I contact STC customer care?

The first option for getting through to the STC customer care team is:

  • Fax 8003030969
  • Phone +966 114 55 5555 (for International Calls).
  • Customer care form through online email or SMS.