Wrexham Scores, Stats and Highlights

Wrexham AFC’s journey through the 2023-24 season has been nothing short of well-known. With a mix of victories, draws, and a few setbacks, the team has shown skill.

Here’s a detailed look at their scores, stats, and highlights, given in an easy-to-understand words.

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Season Overview

Wrexham AFC, currently standing 3rd in the English League Two, has had a rollercoaster of a season. Their record of 18 wins, 9 draws, and 8 losses speaks volumes about their competitive spirit.

Key Highlights

  • Stellar Performances: Wrexham’s recent matches have seen them secure crucial wins against Accrington and Morecambe, showcasing their offensive prowess.
  • Defensive Solidity: Despite a few losses, the team’s defense has been a bulwark, often frustrating the opposition’s attempts to score.

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Player Spotlights

  • Paul Mullin and Ollie Palmer have been standout forwards, consistently finding the back of the net.
  • Elliot Lee and James McClean in midfield have orchestrated play with finesse and vision.
  • Arthur Okonkwo, the goalkeeper, has made crucial saves, contributing significantly to the team’s strong defensive record.

Recent Match Results

Here’s a snapshot of Wrexham’s recent form:

Date Opponent Result Goals For Goals Against
10/02/24 Bradford L 0 1
13/02/24 Sutton W 2 1
17/02/24 Notts County W 1 0
20/02/24 MK Dons D 1 1
24/02/24 Gillingham L 0 1
27/02/24 Forest Green D 1 1
02/03/24 Accrington W 4 0
09/03/24 Morecambe W 3 1

Highlights of Wrexham’s soccer team

Here are the highlights of Wrexham’s soccer team based on the information from the given reference:

  • League Success: Wrexham has shown impressive performance, securing a place in the English League Two.
  • Recent Victory: They celebrated a notable 3-1 victory over Manchester United’s Under-21 team in a summer friendly match.
  • Historic Win: In a stunning game, Wrexham defeated the US Women’s team with a remarkable score of 12-0.
  • Promising Future: The team’s success has sparked discussions about their potential to reach the Premier League.

What are the key matches remaining for Wrexham?

Wrexham AFC has some important matches lined up that could know their promotion chances. Here are the key upcoming fixtures:

Date Opponent Home/Away
Saturday, 16 Mar 24 Tranmere Rovers FC Home
Saturday, 23 Mar 24 Grimsby Town Away
Friday, 29 Mar 24 Mansfield Town Home
Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 Doncaster Rovers Away
Saturday, 6 Apr 24 Colchester United Away


These matches are pivotal for Wrexham’s promotion campaign, and securing positive results could greatly enhance their chances of moving up to League One.


Wrexham AFC’s season has been a testament to their hard work and dedication. With the team pushing for promotion, every match is a step towards achieving their dream.

The fans, management, and players all share a unified vision of success, and the atmosphere around the Racecourse Ground is electric with anticipation.

People Also Ask

How did Wrexham AFC do this season?

Wrexham AFC had a great season. They won many games and are close to the top of the league.

What was Wrexham’s biggest win?

Wrexham’s biggest win was a big score against a strong team. They played really well.

Who are Wrexham’s best players?

Wrexham has some amazing players who score goals and stop the other team from scoring.

Can Wrexham get promoted?

Yes, Wrexham has a good chance to move up to a higher league if they keep winning games.

When is Wrexham’s next big game?

Wrexham’s next big game is coming soon. It’s important for their chance to get promoted.

Where can I learn more about Wrexham AFC?

You can learn more about Wrexham AFC on sports websites or by watching their games.

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