2024 Saudi Pro League Standings & Table

The 2024 Saudi Pro League has been an exhilarating season so far, with intense matches, stunning goals, and fierce competition. Let us know the current standings and how each team is faring in this football league.

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Al-Hilal Saudi FC

  • Position: 1st
  •  Points: 65
  •  Matches Played: 23
  •  Wins: 21
  •  Draws: 2
  •  Losses: 0
  •  Goal Difference: +58
  •  Goals For: 70
  •  Goals Against: 12

Al-Nassr FC

  • Position: 2nd
  •  Points: 53
  •  Matches Played: 23
  •  Wins: 17
  •  Draws: 2
  •  Losses: 4
  •  Goal Difference: +32
  •  Goals For: 65
  •  Goals Against: 33

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Al-Ahli Saudi FC

  • Position: 3rd
  •  Points: 47
  •  Matches Played: 23
  •  Wins: 14
  •  Draws: 5
  •  Losses: 4
  •  Goal Difference: +25
  •  Goals For: 49
  •  Goals Against: 24

Moreover, the excitement continues down the table with other teams battling for supremacy. Here is a glimpse of the rest:

  • Al-Ittihad FC: 4th place with 40 points
  •  Al-Taawoun FC: 5th place with 39 points
  •  Damac FC: 6th place with 34 points
  •  Al-Ittifaq FC: 7th place with 34 points
  •  Al-Fateh SC: 8th place with 31 points
  •  Al-Fayha FC: 9th place with 31 points

The relegation battle is equally intense, with teams fighting to stay afloat. Watch Al-Tai, Abha Club, and Al-Hazm as they strive to climb out of the danger zone.

How does the Saudi Pro League compare to other leagues?

The Saudi Pro League holds its own in the world of football, but how does it stack up against other leagues? Let us explore:

  • English Premier League (EPL):The EPL is arguably the most popular and competitive league globally. It boasts top clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea. The EPL’s financial muscle, global fan base, and high-profile players make it a powerhouse.
  •  La Liga (Spain):La Liga features Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid. Known for its technical style of play, La Liga has produced legendary players like Messi, Ronaldo, and Zidane. The league’s emphasis on skill and flair sets it apart.
  •  Bundesliga (Germany):The Bundesliga is renowned for its passionate fans, efficient management, and youth development. Clubs like Bayern Munich dominate domestically and compete well in European tournaments. The Bundesliga’s focus on fan experience is commendable.
  •  Serie A (Italy):Serie A has a rich history, with iconic clubs like Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan. Known for tactical prowess and defensive solidity, Italian football has produced legends like Maldini, Baggio, and Pirlo.
  •  Ligue 1 (France):Ligue 1 features Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as its standout club. While PSG’s dominance has increased in recent years, French football has a mix of flair, young talent, and exciting prospects.
  •  Saudi Pro League:The Saudi Pro League has made significant strides. Clubs like Al-Hilal, Al-Nassr, and Al-Ahli compete fiercely. The league’s investment in infrastructure, foreign players, and youth development is commendable. It is gaining attention globally.

What are some memorable moments from the Saudi Pro League?

The Saudi Pro League has witnessed some thrilling and unforgettable moments. Let us delve into a few of them:

  • Al Hilal’s Historic Winning Streak: In a well-known feat, Al Hilal achieved 28 consecutive victories, setting a new world record in football. This incredible run propelled them to the Asian Champions League semi-finals, surpassing the previous record held by Welsh club The New Saints since 2016.
  •  Intense Clashes in the Saudi Clasico: The clash between Al Hilal and Al Ittihad in the Saudi Clasico provided 90 minutes of heart-pounding action. Fans were treated to thrilling goals, tactical battles, and passionate play. The rivalry between these two giants never disappoints.
  •  Senegalese Stars Shine: Senegalese players like Sadio ManeKalidou KoulibalyEdouard Mendy, and Habib Diallo showcased their talent in the league. Their performances added flair and excitement to the matches.
  •  Yannick Carrasco’s Impact: Yannick Carrasco’s standout performance for Al Shabab against Al Hazem left fans in awe. His skills, pace, and ability to change the game made it a memorable moment.
  •  Entertaining Matches Galore: Throughout the season, there were nail-biting encounters, stunning goals, and dramatic comebacks. Whether it was Al Ahli’s resilience or Al Nassr’s attacking prowess, each match had its own story to tell.

People Also Ask

Who is currently leading the Saudi Pro League?

Al-Hilal Saudi FC holds the top position with 65 points after 23 matches. They remain undefeated, winning 21 games and drawing 2.

Which team is in second place?

Al-Nassr FC is in second place with 53 points. They have secured 17 wins, drawn 2, and suffered 4 losses.

How is Al-Ahli Saudi FC performing this season?

Al-Ahli Saudi FC currently stands in third place with 47 points. They have won 14 matches, drawn 5, and lost 4.

What is the goal difference for Al-Hilal?

Al-Hilal boasts an impressive goal difference of +58, having scored 70 goals and conceded only 12.

Who are the other top teams in the league?

Other notable teams include Al-Ittihad FCAl-Taawoun FC, and Damac FC, each vying for a higher position in the standings.

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