AL-Fayha vs. AL-Hilal: A Clash of Titans in Saudi Pro League

AL-Fayha vs. AL-Hilal: A Clash of Titans in Saudi Pro League

In the heart of Saudi Arabia’s football scene, two formidable teams, Al-Fayha and Al-Hilal, have been locking horns on the pitch. Their encounters are more than just matches; they are battles that ignite passion, pride, and fervor among fans. Let us talk about the details of this amazing rivalry.

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Background AL-Fayha vs. AL-Hilal

Here, we have explained AL-Fayha vs. AL-Hilal in detail:


  • Founded in 1953, Al-Fayha hails from the city of Al Majma’ah.
  •  The club’s colours are green and white.
  •  Al-Fayha has a rich history in Saudi football, with moments of triumph and struggle.
  •  Their journey has seen them rise through the ranks, competing fiercely in domestic leagues.


  • Al-Hilal, established in 1957, is one of the most successful clubs in Saudi Arabia.
  •  Based in the capital city, Riyadh, Al-Hilal boasts a massive fan base.
  •  Their iconic blue and white jerseys are synonymous with excellence.
  •  Al-Hilal has a number of titles, both internationally and domestically as well.

Head-to-Head Battles

  • Al-Fayha and Al-Hilal have squared off multiple times in the Saudi Pro League.
  •  Each encounter is a high-stakes affair, with players giving their all.
  •  The tactical battles between coaches add an extra layer of intrigue.

Recent Matches

  • April 4, 2023: Al-Fayha vs. Al-Hilal: Al-Hilal emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline. The match showcased Al-Hilal’s attacking prowess and defensive solidity.  Fans witnessed skillful dribbles, precise passes, and breathtaking saves.
  •  December 29, 2023: Al-Fayha vs. Al-Hilal: Another intense clash unfolded, this time in Al Majma’ah. The first half remained goalless, but Al-Hilal turned up the heat in the second.
  •  Two well-executed goals secured a 2-0 win for Al-Hilal. The crowd roared as Al-Hilal celebrated their triumph.

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Key Players


  • Player X: A dynamic midfielder known for his vision and passing accuracy.
  •  Player Y: The team’s top scorer, lethal inside the box.


  • Player A: A seasoned defender who marshals the backline.
  •  Player B: The creative force in midfield, orchestrating attacks.

What are some other football rivalries in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi El Clasico (Saudi Derby) – Al-Hilal vs. Al-Ittihad: This intense rivalry pits two powerhouse clubs against each other: Al-Hilal and Al-Ittihad. The matches are contested twice a year in the Saudi Professional League and often in other competitions. Riyadh and Jeddah, the two largest cities in Saudi Arabia, fuel this fierce battle.

Al-Shabab vs. Al-Ahli Jeddah: A regional rivalry that adds spice to the local scene. Al-Shabab and Al-Ahli Jeddah engage in spirited clashes, showcasing their passion and skill on the field.

Al-Nassr vs. Al-Riyadh: Another captivating regional rivalry. Al-Nassr and Al-Riyadh lock horns, creating memorable moments for fans and players alike.

Who is the best player in Al-Hilal?

The Al-Hilal squad boasts several exceptional talents, but a few stand out:

  • Sergej Milinkovic-Savic: The Serbian midfielder has been instrumental for Al-Hilal.
  •  Neymar Jr.: The Brazilian winger, known for his flair and creativity, adds dynamism to Al-Hilal’s attack.
  •  Aleksandar Mitrovic: The striker’s goal-scoring prowess has been crucial for Al-Hilal. His vision, passing, and ability to control the midfield make him a key player. His clinical finishing and movement in the box make him a force to be considered with.

Who is the best player in Al-Ittihad?

The Al-Ittihad squad boasts several talented players, but a few stand out:

  • Fabio Henrique Tavares (Fabinho): The Brazilian defensive midfielder is a key presence in Al-Ittihad’s lineup. His ability to break up opposition attacks, distribute the ball, and shield the defense makes him a vital asset.
  •  N’Golo Kante: The French international, known for his tireless work rate and ball-winning abilities, adds steel to Al-Ittihad’s midfield.  Kante’s tenacity and ability to cover ground make him a standout player in the Saudi Pro League.
  •  Karim Benzema: The experienced striker, formerly of Real Madrid, brings his goal-scoring prowess to Al-Ittihad.  Benzema’s clinical finishing and football intelligence make him a force in the attacking third.

When is the next match between these teams?

The upcoming clash between Al-Fayha and Al-Hilal is scheduled for December 29, 2023, at 15:00 UTC. The match will take place at the Al Majma’ah Sports City stadium in Al Majma’ah, Saudi Arabia. Al-Hilal currently holds the top position, while Al-Fayha ranks 9th in the Saudi Pro League.


The Al-Fayha vs. Al-Hilal rivalry transcends mere football. It embodies the spirit of competition, loyalty, and fans’ support. As the battle continues, we eagerly await the next chapter in this enthralling saga.

People Also Ask

When did Al-Fayha and Al-Hilal play their most recent match?

Al-Fayha and Al-Hilal recently faced off on December 29, 2023 in the Saudi Pro League. The final score was Al-Fayha 0 – 2 Al-Hilal.

How many times have Al-Fayha and Al-Hilal played against each other this season?

In the current season, Al-Fayha and Al-Hilal have played two matches.

What are their current rankings in the league?

Al-Fayha is currently ranked 9th, while Al-Hilal holds the 1st position in the Saudi Pro League.

Where was the most recent match held?

The match took place at the Al Majma’ah Sport City stadium in Al Majma’ah, Saudi Arabia.

Is there a way to watch their matches live?

You can check for live streaming options on platforms like Sofascore or other sports streaming services.