All About Red Sea Mall

When we talk about Red Sea Mall, we think of families and friends having a great time. Red Sea Mall is one of the biggest shopping places on the west side of the country. It is 242,000 square meters big, and it is close to the waterfront, which makes it a perfect spot.

Latest Fashion

The Red Sea Mall is a great place to have fun while shopping. This shop has got an amazing variety of latest trends for both men and women, with more than 600 stores. There are many high-end brands like Beverly Hills Polo Club, Burberry, and Polo Ralph Lauren. These are the brands which hire famous designers to design their clothes.

West Elm is not just a store for clothes, but also for houses and decorations material. The facility has everything one needs, including paintings, bookshelves, comfortable couches and stores selling health and beauty products. Virgin World is the place to go if you need office supplies and stationery. Well, they also have electronic devices and other equipment, like laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, cameras, and tablets.

In Paris Gallery and Joe Malone, you can purchase both expensive and affordable scents. Everyone wants perfumes from Penhaligon’s. If you want to unwind or change your appearance, definitely go to the Henna salon.

A Place to a New World

Whether you love watching movies, hanging out with your kids, or chilling with friends, Vox Cinema lounges at Red Sea Mall are awesome. They have special 3D Imax lasers that make the movie experience awesome. And you know what? You can munch on tasty popcorn, salty, sweet, or cheesy. If you like fast food and cold drinks, they have got that too.


Red Sea Mall’s event hall hosts all kinds of things. There are national events, awareness programs, and events for different companies. Whether you are here to shop, eat, or just have fun, you are in for a great time with a happy crowd.

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Restaurant and Cafe World

Choosing where to eat at the mall is tough because there are so many options. There are over 80 restaurants and cafes on different floors, offering something for everyone. If you love Chinese or Japanese food, there are number of choices. Italian food lovers, get ready for the yummiest pizzas.

Coffee fans, there are fancy options for you too. The smell of fresh bakery goods from Paul’s French cafe will transport you to Paris, and Godiva’s chocolates will make your day.

A Luxury Place to Stay

Next to Red Sea Mall, there is a hotel called Elaf Red Sea. It is perfect if you are here for business, fun, or shopping. The hotel is cozy and feels like home, with Arab hospitality. It is close to the Jeddah Waterfront, the airport, and the center of Jeddah. Also, you get all the privacy and luxury you need, the hotel even got an ISO 9001 certificate in the Middle East.

Entertainment for Everyone

Watching friends play bowling or chatting while shooting pool is a blast. In10SO center has the best indoor karting in Saudi Arabia.

Now, virtual reality games are a big hit. The Tech Zone makes sure you have a great time with games that are exciting.

And for the little ones, there are play areas. Sparkies have been a favourite for generations, full of awesome adventures. There is also the Adventure Arena for kids aged one to eight. It is packed with activities and fun motor games.

People May Also Ask

What is the reason for the largest mall in Riyadh?

In my opinion, the Al Nakheel Mall is the best shopping mall in Riyadh and it is also the largest one, boasting many stores and great amenities. Yes, it really attracts a large number of people, even more than 2 lakhs each week. It is really amazing.

What the Red Sea project is in Saudi Arabia?

The Red Sea Project, widely known as The Red Sea, is a huge undertaking that is being carried out in Saudi Arabia at present. It involves a lot of land and properties that are being managed by Red Sea Global. It is part of the Saudi Vision 2030 program.

Is the Red Sea located in Saudi Arabia and if yes, where?

The Red Sea project is located, in between Umluj and Al Wajh, on the lengthy coast of Saudi Arabia’s western side. The weather is usually warm in our area and it gets pretty hot during summer, often reaching above 31°C.

What city in Saudi Arabia is next to the Red Sea?

The Neom city is a recently started project by the Saudi government in order to draw money for its growth. The location of the site is southeastern Egypt, near the Red Sea on the Gulf of Aqaba and also below Jordan.