Passenger Experience: What to Expect When Traveling on Saudi Trains

Passenger Experience: What to Expect When Traveling on Saudi Trains

If you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia, then train is the best option to travel in the city. There are number options provided by the passenger trains for the cross-country travel.

Though going through a flight to another city in the country can take about 1-2 hours, moving using train gives more awesome views, and you get to find the landscape of the country.

Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) is like the state-owned train company of the country. It operates regular trains that connect Riyadh, the capital city, to major cities in the Eastern and Northern Regions.

While the railway network of the Saudi Arabia has in the operation from the year 1950 for transporting oil tankers and cargo goods, in 2016, Saudi Arabia Railway launched rail services for passenger. It provides free Wi-Fi, air-conditioned, and food option and it also have prayer and lounge area.

Here we have discussed all about the routes, how to book, tickets, and more.

East and North routes for the passenger train in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Railways runs their train on the 2 routes for the main:

East Train

East Train connects Riyadh to the Saudi Arabia’s Easter Region. It goes through the given cities:

  • Hufuf
  • Riyadh
  • Dammam
  • Abqaiq

North Train

North Train connects Riyadh to the Saudi Arabia’s northern region and serves the given cities:

  • Riyadh
  • Ha’il
  • Al Majmaah
  • Al Jauf
  • Qassim
  • Al Qurayyat

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SAR Railways Travel classes  in East and North train

It depends on the route you are going that what types of travel class is there. Here we have discussed some:

North Train

There are three travel classes in the North Train route:

  • Business
  • Economy
  • Private Cabin – Only the night train service has sleeper cabin available.

East Train

It has two classes:

  • Business
  • Economy

In the business class, you will get a leg and has the lounge area access in the train. On the other hand, Private and Business Cabin Class you will get food and beverage complimentary, higher allowance for baggage, and entry to the business lounge.

Where can you buy the tickets?

There are two platforms to book the tickets. Here are: 

  1. The call centre of SAR – 8001262000
  2. Using the mobile application
  3. Using the official website
  4. SAR ticket counters.

Train Tickets Type

FIrst you need to understand the type of tickets before going for booking. There are mainly three types of train tickets. Here are:

One-way Advance tickets

Using the SAR app or website, passengers prefer online booking, and get a good discount on the booking; it can goes up to 55% or more on the fare. However, you should be careful that only one-way tickets are booked online and the number of tickets is also limited.

As per the SAR, you can start booking advance tickets from Saudi Riyal 15 (Dh14), the cheaper the ticket will be if you have booked earlier. Be careful that SAR suggests booking the train tickets three weeks in advance. For all the travel classes, you can get this train ticket. So, there is nothing to worry.

Anytime tickets

If you haven’t booked the ticket last minute, you will some options using which you can book the tickets:

  • 2 hours before the train depart: Book tickets online

As per the SAR, Tickets are available to Economy and Business class anytime and you can purchase online using website or the mobile app on the day you are travelling, before two hours of train departure.

For private passenger, if you are looking for the anytime tickets then you will get for the Night Train of northern route until two hours, which will be departing from either Qurayyat or Riyadh.

  • 30 minutes before the train departs: Book tickets at the station

However, if you are going to buy train tickets from the call center or station, the tickets remain on sale only 30 minutes from the train departing time.

Waiting list tickets

It is good for those passengers who wants to travel on the upcoming available train, but you don’t have any confirmed seat or all teh seats are booked already.

These type of tickets are unavailable on the online platform, you can get them only on the SAR station and only 1 hour before the departing time of the train, until 10 minutes prior to the train departure.

You should keep in mind that if you have booked advance or anytime tickets then you are allowed to board first. Once all the passengers with booked tickets are boarded, then only waiting list seat holders board for the unoccupied seats. As per the SAR, without any seat number, tickets are allocated.

As per the SAR, if there are no vacant seats and you have booked for the waiting list then you will get full refund of your payment or tickets will be shifted to the next train which is available.

People May Also Ask

Can we go to Saudi Arabia by train?

You can reach Saudi Arabia by air, by railways and also by land ways. Each of the ways is easy and convenient to avail.

How much money should I take to Saudi Arabia?

On average, expect to spend anywhere from $800 to $1500 per person. 

What is the best way to travel in Saudi Arabia?

If public transportation isn’t your thing, you can opt for a car rental instead. Renting a car for your trip to Saudi Arabia is a great option if you’re planning to explore multiple cities in the country.