Are There Any Hindu Temples in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country where the practice of religions other than Islam is heavily restricted. The country follows a strict interpretation of Islamic law, and public worship of other religions is not allowed. This extends to the construction of places of worship for other faiths, including Hindu temples or mandirs.

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Absence of Hindu Temples

Currently, there are no officially recognized Hindu temples in Saudi Arabia. The country does not permit the building of Hindu temples or any other non-Islamic places of worship. This policy is in line with the country’s laws and regulations on religious practices and the public display of non-Islamic faiths.

Private Worship

Despite the restrictions on public worship, many expatriates, including Hindus, live and work in Saudi Arabia. These individuals often practice their faith privately in their homes. Private worship is generally tolerated as long as it does not attract public attention or contravene local laws.

Changing Dynamics

There have been discussions and evolving perspectives on religious tolerance in Saudi Arabia as the country undertakes various social and economic reforms under Vision 2030. However, as of now, these changes have not extended to the establishment of non-Islamic places of worship.


While Saudi Arabia remains a predominantly Islamic nation with strict regulations on religious practices, expatriates of different faiths, including Hindus, continue to live in the country. They practice their faith privately, respecting the local laws and customs. For those looking to visit a Hindu temple, neighboring countries with more religious diversity, such as the United Arab Emirates, offer such facilities.

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People May Ask

Can non-Muslims practice their religion in Saudi Arabia?

Non-Muslims can practice their religion privately in their homes but public worship and display of non-Islamic faiths are not allowed.

Are there any other places of worship for non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia?

No, Saudi Arabia does not permit the construction of non-Islamic places of worship.

Has Saudi Arabia’s stance on religious tolerance changed recently?

While there are discussions about religious tolerance as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, these have not yet resulted in changes to the laws regarding public worship for non-Muslims.

Where can Hindus find temples in the region?

Hindus can find temples in neighboring countries like the United Arab Emirates, which has a more diverse religious landscape.