Dubai Introduces Two New Public Bus Routes with Dh5 Fare

Starting July 1, 2024, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has rolled out two new public bus routes to enhance connectivity and offer affordable transportation options for residents and visitors. The new routes, catering specifically to the Damac Hills 2 area, promise to make commuting easier and more cost-effective.

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Details of the New Bus Routes

Here are two new bus routes:

Route DA2 to Damac Hills 2:

    • The DA2 route is designed to serve the residents of Damac Hills 2, a popular and eco-friendly neighborhood on the outskirts of Dubai.
    • The bus route will navigate through the various clusters within Damac Hills 2 before heading to Dubai Studio City.
    • This service will operate with a frequency of every two hours, starting from 5:47 AM to 9:32 PM daily.
    • Each trip costs a flat rate of Dh5, providing an economical alternative to other modes of transportation.

    Route DC2 to Dubai Creek Harbour:

    • This route connects residents and visitors to the Dubai Creek Harbour area, an iconic waterfront development.
    • The bus will pass through key residential and commercial zones, providing a convenient transport option for those living or working in the vicinity.
    • The service schedule and fare details are similar to Route DA2, ensuring consistency in service.

    Are there any discounts on fares?

    In addition to the affordable fare, the RTA has introduced the ‘nol Travel’ card, which offers a range of discounts and benefits. The card provides fare discounts and exclusive promotions on various services, including hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

    Cardholders can enjoy discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on different services, making public transport even more economical and attractive for both residents and tourists.

    The nol Travel card costs Dh200, including an initial credit of Dh19, and can be renewed annually for Dh150. It is available for purchase at multiple locations across Dubai, including Zoom convenience stores and Al Ansari Exchange branches.

      Benefits for Residents

      The introduction of these new bus routes is expected to significantly benefit the residents of Damac Hills 2. For many, the existing transportation options were either limited or costly.

      The new bus service offers a reliable and affordable solution, reducing the need for expensive taxi rides, which could cost between Dh90 to Dh100 per trip.

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      Public Reaction

      Residents have welcomed the new routes with enthusiasm. Many believe it will provide much-needed relief, especially during peak hours when existing shuttle services are often full.

      The affordable Dh5 fare is particularly appreciated, as it allows for substantial savings compared to other transport options.

      Enhanced Public Transport Network

      The RTA continues to expand its public transport network, ensuring comprehensive coverage across Dubai. The new routes are part of a broader strategy to enhance urban mobility and provide residents with more accessible and affordable transportation options.


      The launch of these two new bus routes marks a significant step towards improving public transport in Dubai. By offering affordable fares and reliable service, the RTA is making it easier for residents to commute, ultimately enhancing the quality of life in the city.

      For more detailed information about the new bus routes and schedules, you can visit the official RTA website or check out local news sources like UAE Local and Your Dubai Guide.