How To Check Visa Cancellation Status In UAE: A Guide for 2024

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a popular destination for work and travel. However, when individuals decide to leave the UAE, they need to go through the visa cancellation process. This blog post will guide you through the process of checking your visa cancellation status in the UAE.

Understanding UAE Visa Cancellation

If you intend to leave the UAE permanently, you must formally terminate your residency visa. The cancellation process is relatively straightforward, with your sponsor handling most of the work. Before starting, it is advisable to settle any obligations, sell your car, end your lease, and stop paying your utilities. This will help you avoid any inconveniences during the termination of your visa.

How to Cancel Your Visa in UAE

The visa cancellation process is primarily handled by your sponsor since they submitted the UAE Visa application. You may need to send a contract non-renewal letter to them so they can also cancel your employment agreement.

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Checking Your Visa Cancellation Status

You can check the status and validity of your visa online using the DubaiNow app and the GDRFA services. For offline status checks, residents of other emirates can contact the ICP service at 600-522222 and provide their passport number.

To check your visa cancellation status online, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the UAE government portal website.
  2.  Click on the “Services” tab and select “Residency and Citizenship” from the dropdown menu.
  3.  Under “Residency and Citizenship,” select “Visas and Entry Permits.”
  4.  Click on “Check Visa Validity” and then select “Visa Cancellation.”

Do you want to know the cost of UAE visa cancellation?

The cost of UAE visa cancellation can vary depending on the specific office where you apply. However, it typically falls within AED 100 to AED 200. It is important to note that your sponsor is responsible for covering the costs of cancelling your UAE visa.

If you have overstayed your visa or if your residence visa has been considered invalid due to extended absence from the UAE, additional fines or fees may apply. According to travel agents, the cost of UAE visit visa cancellation can be anywhere between AED 160 and AED 300.

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How long do people wait until their cancelled visa in UAE is in place?

The duration of the UAE visa cancellation process can vary based on several factors. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Immediate Cancellation: If your sponsor initiates the cancellation process promptly, it can be completed within a few days. This is typically the case when an individual leaves the UAE permanently or transfers their sponsorship.
  2.  Grace Period: After the cancellation request is submitted, there is usually a grace period during which you can legally stay in the UAE. This grace period allows you to wrap up your affairs, settle any pending dues, and make necessary arrangements. The duration of the grace period varies, but it is often around 30 days.
  3.  Processing Time: The actual processing time for visa cancellation depends on the efficiency of the relevant authorities. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.
  4.  Exit Process: Once your visa is cancelled, you must exit the UAE within the specified time frame. Failure to do so may result in fines or legal consequences.
  5.  Employment Visa: If you were on an employment visa, your employer must complete certain formalities, including cancelling your labor card and other related documents. This process can take additional time.
  6.  Overstays: The process may be more complex if you have overstayed your visa. Overstaying can result in fines, and the cancellation process may take longer.

These are the grace periods for the visa cancellation in the UAE.

  1. 180 days: This extended grace period applies to residence visa holders. After visa cancellation or visa expiry, residents now have up to 180 days to stay in the UAE while making necessary arrangements.
  2.  90 days: Similar to the 180-day grace period, this duration also pertains to residence visa holders. It allows them to remain in the country for up to 90 days after visa cancellation or expiry.
  3.  60 days: Again, this grace period is for residence visa holders. Residents have 60 days to handle their affairs after visa cancellation or expiration.
  4.  30 days: The initial grace period for visit or tourist visa holders is 10 days upon entry to the UAE. However, if they need more time, they can extend it to 30 days.

Know how to check visa cancellation status here

  • Download the GDRFA Dubai app for residences.
  •  Open the app and go to the “Services” section.
  •  Select “Residence Inquiry” under “Entry Permit / Residence Status.”


Leaving the UAE involves more than just booking a flight; it requires the proper cancellation of your visa. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure a smooth transition without any legal complications. Remember, it is always best to check your visa status before making any travel plans to avoid any last-minute issues.

People May Ask

What is the process for UAE visa cancellation?

To cancel your UAE residency visa, follow these steps:

  • Settle any obligations (e.g., bills, lease, utilities).
  • Inform your sponsor to process the cancellation.
  • If leaving immediately, request visa termination.
  • Your sponsor should also cancel your employment agreement.

How can I check my visa cancellation status?

  • Online: Use the DubaiNow app or GDRFA services to verify your visa’s status and validity.
  • Offline: Residents of other emirates can contact the ICP service at 600-522222 and provide their passport number.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and need to check the status of your visa cancellation, you have a few options:

ICA Smart Services Portal:

  • Visit the ICA smart services portal and search for “File Validity.”
  •  Choose “Passport Information” from the tab that appears.
  •  Select “Visa” or “Residency” based on your visa type.
  •  Enter your passport number, expiration date, and nationality.
  •  Ensure the captcha box is checked.
  •  If the information is correct, the page will display your visa data, including the UAE visa expiry date.

GDRFA Portal (Dubai Residents):

  • Visit the GDRFA portal.
  •  Click on “Services” and select “Visa Status.”
  •  Choose “Residence Validity” as the service.
  •  Use the year of issue to find your residence file number (located on your visa page in your passport).
  •  Enter your gender and first name as per your passport.
  •  Input your birthdate in the day-month-year format.
  •  Click “Submit” after entering the Captcha code.
  •  The validity of your visa will appear in green below your submission form.

GDRFA Dubai Mobile App:

  • Download the GDRFA Dubai app for residences.
  •  Open the app and go to the “Services” section.
  •  Select “Residence Inquiry” under “Entry Permit / Residence Status.”

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