SASSA Foster Child Grant 2024 – Who Will Receive it? Check Now

The SASSA Foster Child Grant supports foster parents in South Africa, providing financial assistance to care for foster children. Here’s an overview of who will receive this grant and the process involved.

Overview of SASSA Foster Child Grant

Child’s Status
Legally placed in foster care through a court order
Age of Child
Under 18 years of age
Foster Parent’s Residency
Reside in South Africa
Monthly Grant Amount
R1,070 (as of April 2024)
Application Processing Time
Up to three months
Status Check Methods
Website, Moya App, SMS, WhatsApp, Toll-Free Number


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the SASSA Foster Child Grant, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Child’s Status: The child must be legally placed in foster care through a court order.
  • Age of Child: The child must be under 18 years of age.
  • Foster Parent’s Residency: The foster parent must reside in South Africa.

Application Process

The application process for the SASSA Foster Child Grant includes these steps:

  • Obtain Court Order: Secure a court order placing the child in foster care.
  • Gather Required Documents: Collect documents, including the court order, foster parent’s ID, and the child’s birth certificate.
  • Visit SASSA Office: Visit the nearest SASSA office to apply.
  • Complete Application Form: Fill out the application form and attach the required documents.
  • Submit Application: Submit the form and documents to the SASSA office.
  • Wait for Processing: The application can take up to three months to process.
  • Receive Notification: Receive notification regarding the application status.

Benefits of the SASSA Foster Child Grant

  • Financial Support: Monthly financial aid to cover the costs of caring for the foster child, including food, clothing, and educational needs.
  • Healthcare Access: Assistance with healthcare costs and access to medical services.
  • Support Services: Access to additional social services and support programs to assist with the child’s development and well-being.
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Grant Amount

As of April 2024, the monthly grant amount for the SASSA Foster Child Grant is R1,070 per child. This amount is periodically reviewed and adjusted to account for inflation and changes in living costs.

Checking Grant Status

Foster parents can check the status of their Foster Child Grant application through the following methods:

  • SASSA Website: Use the status check feature on the SASSA website.
  • Moya App: Access updates without data costs via the Moya app.
  • SMS Updates: Send an SMS to 082-046-8553 for updates.
  • WhatsApp: Contact SASSA on WhatsApp at 082-046-8553.
  • Toll-Free Number: Call 0800-601011 for detailed information.

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The SASSA Foster Child Grant is crucial in providing financial and healthcare support to foster parents, ensuring that foster children receive the care and resources they need to thrive.

For more information, visit the SASSA official website.