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Al-Suwaiket attends the 82nd meeting of General Assembly of UIC in Paris



Mohammed Al-Suwaiket, President of the Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) explained that the work progress on Haramain High Speed Rail project (HHR) is progressing, emphasizing the interest of the SRO to accomplish all project works as scheduled and as the completion rates specified.

Commenting on his two day inspection visit, Al-Suwaiket said that the work proceeding on schedule at a good pace and there has been significant progress on the passenger station works, implementation of civil works and other facilities along the railway track, especially in the 4th and 5th parts located between Madinah and King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh.

Mohammed Abu Zaid, SRO Director of Public Relations and Media explained that the president's inspection tour commenced from Madinah passenger station, where a meetings was held with the project Contractors and the consultants supervising the project to review what has been achieved in Madinah Station with regard to construction, electrical and mechanical works as well as the plans set for the work completion in accordance with the full action plan.

Abu Zaid added that the SRO President and his entourage inspected the railway track from Madinah via a number of work sites, including the train maintenance workshop in Madinah to follow up the work completion of the first phase of construction, as well as the site of the railway depots and inspected a number of works made in the workshop as the concrete bearings are manufactured, assembling the rails to be transported to sites and installed on the track by modern equipment.

Abu Zaid pointed out that the tour continued until KAEC station in Rabigh to make sure of the readiness of the 2nd Phase Contractor to receive the 2nd part of the track, located in the 4th area with a total length of 85 km in addition to 10 km from the 5th area which is expected to be delivered in the coming days as well as the delivery of the entire 6th area of the track, which means the entire track between Madinah station and KEAC in Rabigh will be handed over to the second phase contractor. The works of second phase include laying tracks, installation of signaling and telecommunication systems, electrification, operational control center as the trial run of the project is scheduled to be done first between these two stations.

Abu Zaid also added that the President emphasized the keenness of the SRO and the Ministry of Transport, represented by H.E the Minister of Transport who is also the Chairman of SRO's Board of Directors to complete all phases of the project with high quality to meet the aspirations of the wise leadership aimed at exerting all efforts and providing all capabilities to provide a safe and fast means of transport for the visitors of the Two Holy Mosques as well as the citizens and residents.



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